Wedding under Eifel tower

I just received the e-mail that we are nominated for 10 best wedding photographers in the world by American photo magazine.. …

There is not much to say…you can imagine how surprised, happy and honoured we are.

The only thing that I can do at the moment, is to publish at least something new on our blog….so lets start:)

Melissa and Michael were a couple already as students. She is american and he is canadian. After the study they separated and each one started a new life. They both get married and got kids and…they both also got divorced. Michael decided to call Melissa again and …… Well you can imagine what happened if we meet with them in Paris. They were simply cool!…and those booths that Melissa wear:)

Usually the wedding day is the only day that we see with the couple, which is somehow sad, but this time the story was different. They told us that after the wedding they will go to a honeymoon trip across the Europe, finishing their trip on Sunday 20th of may in Rome. Can you imagine that we were there on 19th of may, shooting another wedding. So we decided to meet us again in Rome. It was so nice to walk with them on the streets of Rome. We did not have much time, but a coffee in Rome with a super nice couple was unforgettable.


and here is their story…

[audio: Kaas – La vie en rose.mp3| loop=yes]



  • Simon said:

    Wow, been a fan for a while. very cool couple and beautifully photographed.

  • Martina said:

    Wow, my heart was excited as I looked trough the photos, such a great story, such a great looking couple and so relaxed photos, I love it!

  • PJ said:

    great work!! well done...

  • Jarek said:

    Brilliant! well done like always :)

  • Olesiag said:

    Wow, amazing pictures!!!!!! A truly fantastic photographer!!! Very impressed!!!