Welcome to our completely new blog.

New logo, new brand, new website and new blog. Actually the website is not the final version, because we are still working on it. Hope we will finish it ASAP. It will include many new things and lots of new images. Until than this blog will be something you could look out.

Hope you like it?

For a start let me introduce us…me, my wife Natasa and our girl Klara. A big thanks goes to our friend and a great photographer Marta Potoczek from Poland, who captured this  image.

enjoy viewing:).

  • Čestitke Horvati!!
    Fresh, clean, fun! :)
    Se veseliva veeeeliiiikooo dobrih fotk!


  • Love the site! So you promise to be a good blogger and post at least few times a month? M.

  • admin said:

    Tnx...I will I promise:).

  • Irena said:

    I am impressed! Now I really need a boyfriend ;)

  • lorismtlan said:

    Se strinjam dobro napisano res.